Protección contra robo de identidad y monitoreo de crédito sin cargo

Shield your identity by knowing what’s going on with your personal data.

Sentirse seguro de que su información privada está protegida puede ser difícil en el mundo digital de hoy. Protect your identity with IDnotify, a premium monitoring service offered to SunTrust clients at no cost.

Help us stop fraud before it starts.

IDnotify Identity Theft Protection empowers you to protect and take control of your personal data through:

You’ll receive a free credit report from Experian on signup, too. It’s your identity. Protect it with IDnotify by Experian.

Protect your identity using other SunTrust services available through Online Banking:

Preguntas frecuentes

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Qué es el robo de identidad?

Identity theft is officially defined as the deliberate assumption of another person’s identity. It occurs when a criminal acquires and uses the victim’s personal information—such as a Social Security or driver’s license number—to take out loans, obtain new credit cards, rent an apartment, purchase a car, run up debt, file for bankruptcy and other criminal activities. Identity theft is a growing concern because it can not only damage someone’s creditworthiness, it can also be flagged on routine background checks.

What is the IDnotify enrollment process like?

Enrolling in IDnotify takes just minutes. During the enrollment process, you will be asked to supply some brief personal information so we can confirm that it is secure, and ensure that we monitor the right data.

How does IDnotify by Experian keep my information safe?

Experian maintains a highly secure environment with best-in-class security measures and policies in place to ensure the utmost secure handling of all data.

How can I tell if I am a victim of identity theft?

In addition to enrolling into IDnotify, monitor both your financial and public record information and look for any of these occurrences:

  • Receiving credit cards for which you did not apply
  • Being denied credit for no apparent reason
  • Receiving calls or letters from debt collectors or businesses about merchandise or services you did not buy

Although any of these indications could be a result of a simple clerical error, you should not assume that there’s been a mistake and do nothing. Always follow up with the business or institution to find out.

What should I do if I believe I am a victim of identity theft?

IDnotify members may contact Experian’s specialists anytime by calling 888.582.7566 for additional assistance.

How is identity theft different from financial fraud?

The term “financial fraud” covers common credit card, check and debit card fraud. When a criminal uses your credit cards or debit cards to make a purchase, he or she usually hasn’t assumed your identity. Recovering from financial fraud is relatively easy, since most creditors don’t hold you liable for fraudulent charges.

What else can I do to help minimize my risk of identity theft?

  • Keep important documents safe. Don’t carry extra credit cards, Social Security cards, birth certificates or passports, if not needed. Consider opening a SunTrust Safe Deposit Box. Stop by your local SunTrust branch to inquire about availability.
  • Need checks? When ordering new checks, consider ordering them online. You can monitor the anticipated delivery date with online tracking.
  • Think before you share. Be wary of suspicious messages, links and requests for personal information.
  • Piense en invertir en una trituradora de papel. Destruya sus recibos, ofertas de tarjetas de crédito, estados de cuenta bancarios, cheques devueltos y cualquier otra información confidencial antes de tirarlos a la basura.
  • Tome todas las precauciones. Asegúrese de que su empleador, locador y toda persona que tenga acceso a sus datos personales proteja sus registros.
  • Lea su reporte de crédito. Verifique que sus reportes de crédito estén correctos. Si detecta alguna incongruencia, actúe.
  • Mantenga su SSN en secreto. Do not print or write down your SSN on any document that could fall into the hands of identity thieves, like checks.
  • No use contraseñas poco seguras. Use contraseñas con una combinación de letras, números y caracteres especiales para que a los ladrones de identidad les resulte más difícil descifrarlas.


Los titulares de cuentas deben inscribirse en IDnotify a través de los canales de SunTrust para recibir este servicio sin cargo. El servicio se cancelará para clientes que ya no tengan cuentas activas con SunTrust Clients with Business products or services only do not qualify for IDnotify.

Desired information to be monitored must be entered by client in order for specific information to be monitored by IDnotify.

The Identity Theft Insurance is underwritten and administered by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, an Assurant company under group or blanket policy(ies).  The description herein is a summary and intended for informational purposes only and does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions. Review the Summary of Benefits El enlace abre una ventana nueva.

3 Locking your card will not stop card transactions including recurring payments, Bill Pay, money transfers, returns, credits, dispute adjustments, previously authorized, offline and purchase transactions during system downtime.

Experian y las marcas de Experian que se usan aquí son marcas de servicio o marcas comerciales registradas de Experian Information Solutions, Inc.

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