Spending and College Students

Think before you spend.

¿Se pregunta a dónde va su dinero? Aquellas compras diarias realmente pueden sumar. Vea cuánto podría ahorrar al recortar unas pocas cosas.

Coffee with a grande price.
A cup of coffee at a local coffee shop can easily cost you $3. Get one cup every day, and you'll spend $1,095 a year! Instead, invest in a decent coffee maker for $30. Spend $8 on a pound of gourmet coffee, and you'll get about 40 cups from that. So even if you drink two cups a day, that's only $176 a year (including the coffee pot).

It's music to your wallet.
So, you love music and can't live without it? If you buy one album a week at $12.99, that's over $675 a year. Instead of buying the whole album and only listening to one or two of your favorites from it, why not try downloading individual songs you like at $1 each?

Slice your pizza spending.
Buy a $10 pizza a week, and you'll spend $520 a year. In comparison, you can pick up a gourmet frozen pizza at the grocery store for about $5. And it bakes in about half the time of delivery.

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Track Your Spending
Conduct a self-audit of your spending. Use a smartphone money app or a simple notebook to record everything you spend money on. Make sure to record every little thing – because little things can really add up.

Water doesn't have to come out of a bottle. 
Walk into a convenience store, and you can expect to drop $1.39 for a bottle of water. The same water costs a fraction of a cent from the tap. Don't like the taste? Keep a lemon in the fridge and add a drop or two.

Credit cards – caution: buy now and you may pay a whole lot more later. 
Sure, it's easy to get what you want when you have a credit card. But if you only make your minimum payment every month, you could end of paying for that item several times over. The typical student credit card has a rate of about 18% APR. Assuming you make your minimum payment on time every month, it could take a long time to pay off that balance! Calculate for yourself!

Save now, retire comfortably 
If you're in your 20's, now's the time to start saving for retirement. Because the more you put away now, the harder your money can work for you by earning interest. It can be tough finding the money to save, but saving every day can add up over the years.

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